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"I just wanted to share my experience working with Hi-Energy Fish 2-3-0 (HEF) this year.  I have found it to be easy to work with, non-plugging, and versatile.  As a component of a liquid organic starter, it has been instrumental in getting the plants out of the ground quickly, supporting the microbial communities that support nutrient mineralization and plant health.  When used in foliar applications, it helps the foliar spray adhere to the leaf as well as supports plant health.


As a consultant and farmer, I highly recommend the addition of HEF to any agronomic program and will continue to use it in my own operations and recommend and offer it to clients."

Nadjia LaFontaine, P.Eng., CCA Candidate
Innovative Bio-Logics
Iona Station, ON Canada

"The difference from last year to this year was amazing. Our yield was up by about a third, as was our time from seed to harvest which was close to 1/4 the time in the ground which we think is due to extreme amounts of bioactivity and bringing the soil alive. We saw a large growth in worms this year along with many other insects, such as spiders, and really a whole ecosystem that is being built there in the soil. I thought it was quite incredible how little amount of fertilizer you really use for such a large area. We will be using it again this year and recommend anybody interested to give it a try and see what they think, I don't believe you will be let down. We will also be using it for our backyard personal grade this year as well since we got such good results.”

Flagstaff, Arizona

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