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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can HEF burn crops or plants?
    HEF is about 28% acetic acid. That means that in high concentrations it can burn the leaves of plants. In high concentration it can be used to knock back weeds prior to planting. The weeds are deterred briefly while the crop grows and shades out the unwanted plants. The weed roots are not killed by the acetic acid so a good strategy should be in place for timing and spacing of the crop.
  • What is the application rate?
    Farmers should refer to the Application Rate chart provided by TNT prior to application. Please note that HEF is enhanced substantially in the presence of a biological. If the soils are low in microbes, a second application of 1 quart per acre or additional 1 pint per acre foliar spray is recommended.
  • How often do you apply HEF?
    HEF is generally applied "in-furrow" once with the seed then as a foliar at 2 to 4-week intervals. Please see the application chart. For alfalfa, apply one quart per acre foliar between cuttings.
  • How do you mix HEF?
    Mix with 15 to 30 gallons of water per acre. Please see the application chart. If HEF is mixed with a biological, it is important to use up the tank. HEF may activate biologicals in 6 to 8 hours.
  • When do I apply HEF?
    Generally, HEF is applied in-furrow with the seed when planting the field. Then apply foliar as recommended on Application Chart. However, for alfalfa, apply 1 quart in 15 to 30 gallons of water per acre between cuttings.
  • How is HEF a new and improved fish-based soil amendment?
    As we all know fish are beneficial to soil health advancement and plant growth… So we are sure you are asking, what makes TNT's Hi-Energy Fish (HEF) an improvement and different than other fish based amendments? HEF is only produced using WHOLE SALTWATER SALMON, not from freshwater fish or from parts of fish. Saltwater fish naturally provides the most completely balanced mineral nutrition possible.
  • How is HEF made?
    HEF is created through a year long, natural fermentation process. There are NO acids, NO heat, and NO digestive enzymes added to the fermentation process. ALL of the fish, fats, oils, and proteins are available in creating HEF. The end product is OMRI Certified and truly organic. HEF contains all the minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and volatile fatty acids (VFA's) as an end result to the natural fermentation. HEF is a product that Pours Like Water and contains 71% VFA's, allowing users to realize an immediate benefit to the soil and plants!!
  • What makes VFA's so important?
    The VFA's in HEF serve as a trigger molecule to initiate the formation of the biofilm. The biofilm is a barrier formed around the root system, or rhizosphere, that protects and supports the microbial community in the soil and plants. One particular VFA is also instrumental in the transportation of oxygen into the root system and throughout the plant. This is critically important to growing healthy plants. Enzymes and amino acids in HEF are up regulating genes for better disease resistance and for improved metabolic efficiencies.

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