With an average of 72% volatile fatty acids (VFAs), Hi-Energy Fish soil amendment (HEF) is a unique fish-based soil amendment. HEF’s uptake of the nutrients is almost immediate in both the plant and microbes – Traditional fish soil amendments have to decompose the bulk of the nutrient base to VFAs, causing a lag time between application and plant utilization.  Our lightning fast uptake is very important, especially during the first 30 days of the plant’s development.  It is like colostrum for a calf, essential in early development but also sets the foundation for maturing into a healthy adult.  HEF’s VFA energy delivers many soil amendments combinations, allowing nearly 100% utilization of the soil additives - this allows the seed and the plant the full benefits of the nutrients.

Products we offer…


organic Soil Amendment

Derived from Salmon
Certified for ORGANIC use
OMRI listed
Improves soil fertility
Improves yields


all purpose

Feed to all plants, crops,
vegetables, fruits, trees, and turf
Small, medium, and large gardens
All agricultural applications
Sold in container and bulk

tomato plants.jpg


Rejuvenates and enhances soil and plants
Provides natural nutrients
Controlled absorption rates
Feeds plants naturally
Reduces insect infestation

TNT Farming Solutions’, HEF stimulates the soil’s ecosystem with micro and macro organisms that plants thrive on.


Since 2005, our 100% salmon formula has been helping hobby and commercial growers’ yield larger crops, and be environmentally friendly and sustainable. The use of HEF organic soil amendments will help cut back on the need for chemicals over time, rebuilding and rejuvenating your soil. The high VFA content creates a lightening like energy that will likely enhance the delivery of nutrients creating larger root balls and plants, as well as, superior biofilm development.  All of these have the potential to assist in drought resistance, yield increases, and healthier crops.

From our testing, within 7 to 8 hours HEF is absorbed into the seed through in-furrow feeding or into the plant from foliar feeding. This is the lighting fast energy delivery system that brings the power of the VFAs to the soil and plant. Unlike, most products on the market! Read more about the quick absorption from BioKinetic Research and Consulting.

When a small amount of HEF is included with soil or plant additives, the utilization increases which can eventually result in in-furrow or foliar additive reductions while maintaining increased yields and crop quality.

This process improves the soil structure and nourishes the plants with effective and gentle amounts of nitrogen and phosphorous (N-P). HEF also promotes the release of other necessary nutrients and trace elements in the soil.



How our product can help growers


• Freedom from expensive Ag chemicals
• Self-regenerating soil systems
• Higher yields, increased profitability
• Disease resistance
• Nutrient-dense food production
• Drought resistance
• Suitable for both organic and non-organic products



Agriculture in America is rapidly changing via a grassroots movement.


Agriculture in America is rapidly changing via a grassroots movement. The past decade has seen remarkable growth in consumer demand for food produced without potentially harmful chemical inputs. Most consumers and farmers have become more environmentally conscious. Farmers wish to farm and grow more sustainably, using fewer chemical inputs and turning to natural ways for ensuring soil health, thereby providing better health throughout the whole “food-chain”. It is hard to dispute the need for healthier grown foods when one considers the increase in heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. Additionally, farmers are seeking changes as they see how chemicals and herbicides impact soil and plant health, thus leading to lower crop yields.  Our soil amendment is 100% naturally fermented and processed. We take salmon use to its developmental apex, as our soil amendments provides many benefits including:

The liquefied bones of the fish provide a rich source of calcium to the plant and is readily available without overwhelming the soil and compromising soil chemistry. Our fertilizer contains a specific source of calcium that is naturally, precisely bound to phosphorous in such a way that the soil organisms and plants have complete access to both the calcium and phosphorus.

The amino acid profile found in our products is a balanced mixture of many of the necessary amino acids required for healthy plant growth, and can replace most synthetic mixes for a substantially lower cost. The product can be applied to the soil and/or the leaves as a foliar on most plants. This amino acid profile can lead to vigorous plant growth and enhanced protein synthesis.

HEF contains naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and fungi, from our unique fermentation process, which interact with the plants’ root systems, increasing the ability to absorb nutrients. In addition, these harmless bacteria and fungi have the capability to stimulate the beneficial microbial populations in the root zone (for increased root ball) or on the leaf surface.

By processing the whole fish, the total oil content of the fish is available for plant uptake. Our refining process reduces the raw fish oils to fatty acids which are readily usable energy essential for healthy growth and the reproduction of soil and plant. Available forms of fatty acids include propionic acid, butyric acid, lactic acid, and acetic acid. These fatty acids are used as energy; to stimulate hormone production; used by bacteria in the soil to stimulate root growth of various crops; stimulation of crops to add more fruit and grain; and are key for the production of antibiotics, and cellular respiration.



Left image with Lightening HEF. Right image grown without, with visible dry-down of stalk.

Left image with Lightening HEF. Right image grown without, with visible dry-down of stalk.

Notice the superior stalk strength of the corn stalks on the left that were fertilized with Lightening HEF. Lightening HEF improves stalk diameter, stalk moisture content, and stalk density and maintains stalk strength until harvest.