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Agriculture in America is rapidly changing via a grassroots movement.

The past decade has seen remarkable growth in consumer demand for food produced without synthetic chemical inputs. Most consumers and farmers have become more environmentally conscious. Farmers wish to farm and grow more sustainably, using fewer chemical inputs and turning to natural ways for ensuring soil health, thereby providing better health throughout the whole “food-chain”. It is hard to dispute the need for healthier grown foods when one considers the increase in heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. Additionally, farmers are seeking changes as they see how chemicals and herbicides impact soil and plant health, thus leading to lower crop yields.  Our soil amendment is 100% naturally fermented and processed.

  • Derived from salmon

  • Certified for organic use

  • OMRI listed

  • Improves soil fertility

  • Improves yields

  • Feed to all plants, crops,vegetables, fruits, trees, and turf

  • Small, medium, and large gardens

  • All agricultural applications

  • Sold in container and bulk

  • Rejuvenates and enhances soil and plants

  • Provides natural nutrients

  • Enhanced absorption rates

  • Naturally sourced

  • Improves drought resistance

  • Reduces insect infestation

New Product Information

TNT Trash Buster

Similar to TNT Activator, TNT Trash Buster contains several natural ingredients that activate the soil biology to help achieve a particular goal - in this case, the reduction of crop residues. Because of this different goal, the ingredients and their amounts are different, thus nudging the microbial community toward the breakdown of the tougher, more fibrous crop residues.

About Us
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TNT Farming Solutions, Inc. has assembled a team of agricultural professionals, experienced business personnel, and accomplished academics. We are determined to formalize an alliance for the advancement of agricultural health and prosperity, free of toxic chemical hazards. Some of our products have been tested and used for over 30 years.  The developmental team is comprised of diversely talented entrepreneurs.

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