New Product Information


As we all know fish are beneficial to soil health advancement and plant growth… So we are sure you are asking, what makes TNT's Hi-Energy Fish (HEF) an improvement and different than other fish based fertilizers?

  • HEF is only produced using WHOLE SALTWATER SALMON, not from freshwater fish or from parts of fish.

  • Saltwater fish naturally provides the most completely balanced mineral nutrition possible.

  • HEF is created through a year long, natural fermentation process. There are NO acids, NO heat, and NO digestive enzymes added to the fermentation process. ALL of the fish, fats, oils, and proteins are available in creating HEF. The end product is OMRI Certified and truly organic.

  • HEF contains all the minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and volatile fatty acids (VFA's) as an end result to the natural fermentation. HEF is a product that Pours Like Water and contains an average of 72% VFA's, allowing users to realize an immediate benefit to the soil and plants!!

  • What makes VFA's so important?
    The VFA's in HEF serve as a trigger molecule to initiate the formation of the biofilm. The biofilm is a barrier formed around the root system, or rhizosphere, that protects and supports the microbial community in the soil and plants. One particular VFA is also instrumental in the transportation of oxygen into the root system and throughout the plant. Obviously this is critically important to growing healthy plants.

  • Enzymes and amino acids in HEF are up regulating genes for better disease resistance and for improved metabolic efficiencies.


  • TNT offers a specifically selected, pathogen fighting, microbial package containing strains of bacteria and fungi (TNBio Complex) that can be purchased with and works synergistically with HEF. University and private studies have shown that the various strains contained in TNBio Complex have proven effective in defeating pathogens in the soil and in the plants! TNBio Complex contains strains that are capable of fixing atmospheric Nitrogen (N2) and converting it to Ammonium Nitrogen for utilization by microbes and plants directly. Therefore, soils that are efficiently exchanging air and water reap as much as one pound of Nitrogen per gram of TNBio Complex. At normal rates of application, TNBio Complex can easily pay for all of its other potential benefits in Nitrogen production alone. Another strain in TNBio Complex is known for its ability to manage the Phosphorus supply to the plant and rhizosphere.

  • HEF is the best food source that we know of to feed the beneficial microbial community, including TNT's multi-specie TNBio Complex.